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Heritage River Hefeweizen Bomber 650ml

Heritage River Hefeweizen

With its misty mountains, secret beaches and deep, mysterious pools, it’s no wonder the Cowichan River was designated as a Canadian Heritage River. It is endless paradise, teeming with wildlife, begging to be explored and appreciated no matter what time of year. Take the plunge and dive into our Heritage River Hefeweizen. Brewed with a traditional Weihenstephan yeast strain, this light and easy-drinking wheat-beer is full of citrus and soft, summery aromas and flavours like citrus fruits, plantains and cloves. Dive in while it lasts!

PROFILE: Satsuma orange, citrus and plantains | ABV: 5.1% | Hazy Sunset Gold
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Side Tracked ISA Bomber 650 ml

Side Tracked ISA

For all of you path finders, this one’s for you. Just remember to wipe the mud off your face before you sip. This Indian Session Ale is hazy with sunbeam yellow hues and aromas of tropical fruit. This ale’s enticing drinkability is driven by a soft mouthfeel and slight acidity. Hop flavours of citrus fruit and pine are balanced with a medium malt body, featuring subtle notes of biscuit and oat. With its refreshing dryness and subtle hop character. Side Tracked Session Ale is sure to leave its drinker in a state of total reverie.

PROFILE: Citrus, pine, notes of biscuit and oat | ABV: 4.5% | Hazy Yellow
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Blackberry Invasion Bomber 650ml


More than a few blackberries were harmed in the making of this beer. This experiment-gone-right pours a light purple-gold. The aroma is of malty blackberries with a slight hop spice that nicely complements the beer’s bright, yet subtle flavours. Smooth caramel malts balance out the blackberries’ natural tartness, keeping this beer clean and refreshing. Enjoyed by both connoisseurs and beginners, this limited brew’s subtleties are what separate it from the rest. Here’s to an invasion we can all get behind!

PROFILE: Light, smooth and creamy with subtle blackberry fruit | ABV: 5.3% | Purplish Gold
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Camping Saison Bomber 650ml


Camping Saison. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy yourself around a campfire in the wild surroundings of your home away from home. What better way to take in the beauty, relaxation and the company of good friends, than savouring this complex West Coast beer inspired by traditional farmhouse techniques of continental Europe. French farmhouse yeast, French Oak, and an aromatic French Barley were used to make this hazy orange Saison. The beer’s bright effervescence is complimented with aromas of spring meadow flowers, hay spice and fruit.

PROFILE: Bright effervescent, meadow flowers, spice and fruit | ABV: 7.7% | Hazy Orange
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Sunset Empire ISA Bomber 650ml


A bountiful harvest brought to you by our Co-Op of thirsty gardeners. This single batch brew includes a merry mixture of hop varietals naturalized to the Cowichan Valley (some well-known names like Cascade and Centennial, but also some beautiful wild varieties we cloned ourselves!), all grown locally as part of our Fresh Hop Co-Op Project. The project has been growing strong since 2016 and is the perfect reflection of our appreciation to our amazing community of friends and fans in the Valley, as well as the outstanding growing conditions this Island provides for seasonal crops like hops.

PROFILE: Vibrant grapefruit and lemongrass; herbal, resinous linger | ABV: 6.0% | Bright, Hazy Yellow-Gold
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Three Some Ale Bomber 650ml


Only for the open-minded and curious. Threesome is part sultry, part wild and 100% fun. A pleasure for all the senses, this nuanced ale is refreshing and playful, pouring a lovely rosy, reddish pink, it smells faintly of cranberry and hibiscus flowers. The almond-esque, herbal characteristic of organic hemp hearts balances a seductively tart scarlet hibiscus, which is in turn complemented by the sugary smoothness of Cowichan Valley honey. Kick back, relax and just let it happen.

PROFILE: Honey balanced with earthiness; hints of cranberry & floral tartness | ABV: 5.3% | Blush Pink
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
RELEASED: February
1000 Light Years From Home Chocolate Milk Stout Bomber 650ml


By and by man will try to get out into the sky, sailing far beyond the air from down and here to up there.  Dark and decadent; like rings encircling a remote planet, this beer will tantalize your taste buds with roast with roasted malts, organic cacao nibs and a slight sweetness derived from the addition of lactose. Crank up the oxygen tank and get ready to launch!

PROFILE: Smooth and decadent; cocao nibs with hints of creamy sugar | ABV: 6.5% | Deep Brown
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Idle Hands Oaked Orange Ale Bomber 650ml


Everybody knows that Idle hands are the Devil’s work, so it’s important to keep busy in these uncertain times. This belly-warming brew clocks in at a devilish 6.66% and will help ease the chill of those cold winter nights, while keeping your taste buds busier than ever. A malty ale brewed with candied orange peel and aged with plenty of oak, Idle Hands pours a deep chestnut brown with a bone-white head, revealing sensual aromas of orange blossom and earthy vanilla. Its warm embrace and bright, yet decadent flavours are sure to satisfy, but be warned: your idle hands will soon be grasping for more.

PROFILE: Toffee, roasted malts, subtle vanilla; fresh orange | ABV: 6.66% | Deep Brown
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Red Arrow Brewing - Winter White Ale - Bomber

Winter White Ale

Confront the wrath of the icy season with a beer that can stand up to any winter storm. Svour the boldness of our frosty, white ale. This beer brings zing to the palate and delivers a complex and refreshing mouthfeel, with a crisp finish. This white ale is spiced with grains of paradise, creating a piney sublayer, with hints of ginger and white pepper, contrasted with the subtle zing of bergamot orange; prompting and Earl Grey aroma. We have created a blizzard of deliciously bold beer.

PROFILE: Spiced, piney, ginger and white pepper, orange | ABV: 6.1% | Hazy Dusk Gold
AVAILABLE: 650ml Bombers
Red Arrow Brewing - Ball Park Blonde - 6 Pack 355ml

Habour Cats Ballpark Blonde

The ballpark on game day: the smell of fresh cut grass and sizzling hot dogs. The unmistakable sound of the snap of a mitt and the crack of a bat. Settle into the taste of an ice cold beer made specifically for this occasion; a light, crisp, lager style ale to tastefully complete your full ballpark experience.

PROFILE: Light, crisp | ABV: 4.8% | Pale Gold
AVAILABLE: 6 Pack Cans 355ml
Red Arrow - Hop Shop IPA 473ml Tall Boy Can


This high octane limited brew is constructed with a trunk load of legendary hop varieties. We held nothing back while building this beast, supercharged with multiple Zeus and Mosaic leaf additions to ensure more than enough horsepower for our fellow Hop Heads. Pouring a pale-gold, this beer has strong aromas of both sweet and sour tropical fruits, like blueberries, passionfruit and guava, complemented by hints of leafy herbs and spices as well as a subtle malt profile. Buckle up and prepare for a wild and tasty ride!

PROFILE: Bold, intense hops & fruit punch, herbal zest | ABV: 7.5% | Viscous Pale Gold
AVAILABLE: 473ml Tall Boy Cans