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november, 2023

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Side Tracked ISA Bomber


Side Tracked ISA Bombers (650ml)

For all of you path finders, this one’s for you. Just remember to wipe the mud off your face before you sip. This Indian Session Ale is hazy with sunbeam yellow hues and aromas of tropical fruit. This ale’s enticing drinkability is driven by a soft mouthfeel and slight acidity. Hop flavours of citrus fruit and pine are balanced with a medium malt body, featuring subtle notes of biscuit and oat. With its refreshing dryness and subtle hop character. Side Tracked Session Ale is sure to leave its drinker in a state of total reverie.

PROFILE: Citrus, pine, notes of biscuit and oat | ABV: 4.5% | Hazy Yellow

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