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september, 2023

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Piggy Pale Ale 6 Pack


Piggy Pale Ale 6 Pack (355ml)

In our community, rugby is not just a sport—it’s a way of life. When opposing teams come to town to take on the Piggies, they know it’s going to be a hard game. They also know that every drop of blood and sweat left on the field will be replenished back in the clubhouse with the tip of a pint of some fine ale. We took our love of the game (and of our local team, the Cowichan Piggies) and pitched it into this highly session-able, tavern-style Pale Ale. Pouring a light golden-orange, this little Piggy has a medium hop body, balanced malt and just enough gumption to bring home the game. Best enjoyed with friends and teammates!

PROFILE: Light, smoothly hoppy; dry, yet refreshing ruck | ABV: 5.0% | Light Golden-Orange

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