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june, 2024

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Midnite Umber


Midnite Umber | Tall Cans (473ml)

Every brewery needs a guardian. Meet ours, Christopher, the all-seeing gargoyle. He’s been watching over our building for years. As the bell tolls on the darkest hour, he is there—a few chips and bumps, but sturdy as always. This richly malty, but easy-drinking beer is dedicated to him and his watchful legacy in which we can all find a little comfort. A refreshing take on a darker style of beer, the Midnite Umber Ale pours a beautiful ruby/reddish brown (also known to artists as umber) and has notes of candied apricot and demerara. While this brew is full of rich, decadent flavours, its body is surprisingly light. Balanced nicely by a solid hand of southern hemisphere hops, and with a smooth malt finish, the Midnite Umber Ale is the best of tease and temptation.

PROFILE: Candied apricot, toffee and malt, slight hop finish | ABV: 5.1% | Ruby/Umber Brown
AVAILABLE: Single Tall Cans | 4-Pack Tall Cans

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