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october, 2021

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Malti-Pack 4 Pack


Malti-Pack 4 Tall  Boys (473ml)

Chocolate Milk Stout
Dark and decadent; this beer will tantilize your taste buds with roasted malts, organic cacao nibs and a slight sweetness derived from the addition of lactose.

PROFILE: Roasted malt, cocao nibs, slightly sweet finish | ABV: 6.5% | Dark

Idle Hands Oaked Orange Ale
Idle Hands pours chestnut brown and has subtle aromas of orange blossom and vanilla. The head is bone-white and reveals flavours of toffee malt, candied orange peel and a dash of vanilla bean.

PROFILE: Orange blossoms, vanilla, toffee malt | ABV: 6.66% | Chestnut Brown

Midnite Umber Ale
Midnite Umber Ale pours ruby brown and has notes of candied apricot, toffee and brown sugar, balanced by a solid hand of southern hemisphere hops. The best of tease and temptation.

PROFILE: Candied apricot, toffee, & brown sugar | ABV: 5.1% | Ruby Brown

Coconut Porter
Predominant dark malt notes of coffee and chocolate provide a comforting backbone to a robust coconut character derived from in house toasted coconut. Oats and rye malt provide a soft mouthfeel for a rounded balance.

PROFILE: Toasted coconut, dark malt, coffee & chocolate | ABV: 5.1% | Dark Brown

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