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november, 2022

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Dark Lager


Brewer’s Choice Red Can: Dark Lager | Tall Cans (473ml)

We took our time crafting this lager to be precisely what we wanted it to be: as bold as it is smooth, a definite solid body animated by an undeniable elegance. A long, cold stay in our conditioning tanks ensured that all the fiery rough edges reach maturity, leaving us with a truly refined creation. Bright head contrasts with the deep darkness of the liquid. Earthy aromas are highlighted with hints of malty tobacco and rye spice. Expect our dark lager to have a lingering grain forward taste, that slides languidly off the tongue before a subtle hop presence fully reveals itself.

PROFILE: Rye Spice, Malty Tobacco, Wheat, Oats | ABV: 5.3%
AVAILABLE: Single Tall Cans | 4-Pack Tall Cans

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