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january, 2022

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Limited Brews

A RED CAN indicates “new release.” The can is brick red, representing the walls of our lounge and patio where we test out small batch pilot experimental brews. We believe this minimally branded format allows our new liquids to speak for themselves. 

2021 Limited Releases

Juicy Smash Saison Tall Boy

Juicy S.M.A.S.H Saison

This single malt and single hop Saison proves that even simple ingredients can result in truly mind-expanding complexity, through the alchemy known as fermentation. This beer is brewed with Pilsner malt, Topaz hops and French Saison yeast – a small cast of characters that put on a big show! Vigorous carbonation and a dry zingy grain character support massive floral and fruity hop notes. These are underlined by aromatic perfume and spice fermentation aromas to create a deeply pleasing and bright flavour experience.

PROFILE: Floral, fruity, aromatic, spice fermentation aromas | ABV: 7%
AVAILABLE: 473ml Tall Boys Cans
Hazy Dipa IPA Tall Boy

Hazy Dipa

The fruity, piney aroma is only surpassed by the massive flavour this chewy and shockingly drinkable IPA has to offer. This is an experimental beer brewed to answer the question, “How much hop flavour can we really get?” After six massive hop additions, a vigorous fermentation with a juicy yeast, well known for its bio transformative tendencies, we may just have the answer!

PROFILE: Juicy, hoppy, drinkable | ABV: 8%
AVAILABLE: 473ml Tall Boys Cans
Peach Blonde Tall Boy

Peach Blonde

This beer was a smashing success from our small batch experimental series, poured exclusively in our newly renovated taproom. This crisp and fruity ale has earned the right to endear itself to the masses outside the brewery bricks for a limited run in this red tall can format. Will it earn a place among our other yearly seasonal releases, or is it merely designed to remain a taproom-only favourite? With your purchase, the power to decide is in your hands!

PROFILE: Crisp, fruity, peachy | ABV: 4.8%
AVAILABLE: 473ml Tall Boys Cans

2020 Limited Releases

Hazy Pale Ale Can 473ml

Hazy Pale Ale

Inspired by warm days in the Cowichan Valley, this beer unites hop heads with new beer drinkers, under the banner of “delicious.” We have used every trick we know to craft a beer that does just that. This new world pale ale bursts with fruity flavours from outrageous additions of both premium hops and Cryo Hops. The result is a double-drinkable soft hop character balanced with fruity goodness.

PROFILE: Hazy, bright, fruity, clean finish | ABV: 5.5%
AVAILABLE: 473ml Tall Boys Cans
Super Fruited Sour Wheat Mango Banana Can 473ml

Fruited Super Sour

Our Fruited Super Sour Wheat is brewed with a mouth watering, creamy blend of bananas and mango. It will get you started with large tropical citrus fruit forward aromas, and finishes with an unexpected tangy, tart surprise! As the title of this beer suggests, it is citrus fruit forward, with strong ester combined with ripe, tropical sweetness. We intended this playful combination to tease you before a tart and tangy sour explosion.

PROFILE: Citrus forward, strong ester, sweet; slight tang | ABV: 4.8%
AVAILABLE: 473ml Tall Boy Cans